Ly Nha Ky put of her basic jeans and support hurricane victims

    Her busy schedule could not keep her from spending time on a meaningful charity trip with designer Dinh Van Tho. The two had a meeting and giving gifts to those who are affected by the hurricane.

     Her team has given out 200 presents in An Duong temple, 250 in Dien Tho temple, and 600 in Ngoc Hoa temple in Cam Ranh ,Khanh Hoa. Each present is a best wish hoping to ease and share all the lost they have suffered from the constant hurricanes, especially during this time – right before the TET holidays. 


     Ly Nha Ky wasn't there to just watch, she was personally handling out the gifts and cash, asked and listened

    to what they had to share, and even walked side by side, helping the elders and the ills. 


      Appearing in basic jeans, T-shirt, and a pair of flats, our businesswoman prioritizes

    the comfort of movement and ease to give out the prepared gifts to everyone.


    Her relentless energy and her compassion for love are able touch anyone’s heart despite her many sleepless night due to work prior to the trip.


    As a woman of success in many fields, Ly Nha Ky never lets go of her humble start.

    With her precious leisure time off of work, she constantly goes on charity trip to help as many as possible.


    “What I have done is nowhere near something great, but to be able to spread happiness,

    I feel like I a living a fuller, more meaningful life”, she shared.  

    Photo: Nhân Phạm


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