Ly Nha Ky with her rolled up jeans and high heels off makes everyone fall in love

    Our former Tourism Ambassador of Viet Nam Ly Nha Ky put on a lovely and simple outfit for her charity trip.

    18th July, our former Tourism Ambassador, her partners, and fans have joined together for a gathering and providing gifts for around 200 orphans and children with disabilities at Tam Binh Children Foster Care Center (Thu Duc, TP.HCM).

    Being much celebrated and successful in different fields, never has she forgotten her humble begin. She always organizes charity trips to provide helps and necessities to those who are in need whenever her schedule allows. Especially, this successful businesswoman has a special place in her heart for orphans as well as children with disabilities. 

    Like many previous times, this beauty appeared in whiteshirt and basic jeans, bringing out the most simple and lovely side of her.

    As a star, who often called the Queen of Red Carpet in Vbiz, the usual image of Ly Nha Ky is always perfection on luxurious high heels. Regardless, she immediately took off her heels when arrived, blending herself into the scene with all the children.

    A simple act that speaks heart, her subtleness and simplicity, coming from such a big star like herself makes everyone fall in love.

     As always, Ly Nha Ky donned an ordinary white long sleeve shirt, with black jeans and simple point heels.

    This beauty went with a simplistic belt for her charity trip, right away, all the children loved her when she appeared.

    The former Tourism Ambassador did not hesitate to take off her heels, roll up her jeans, and start playing with all the kids.

    Even though it was not necessary to take off her shoes, Ly Nha Ky still respected the norm and joined everyone else.

    Her minimal yet meaningful act won the love of many people. 

    Light make up and a little color on the lips was all she needed to gracefully shine.

    Much to her surprise, her fans had organized a party to celebrate her birthday during her charity trip; the children as well as everyone else happily sang her the birthday song.

    Ly Nha Ky’s joyful and heartfelt charity trip.


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