Ly Nha Ky: “I dedicate myself to charity in honor of my father’

    For the very first time, Ly Nha Ky opens her heart to share about her late father, of whom she is always proud.

    The name Ly Nha Ky paints a picture of a beautiful woman, living in her desirably luxurious life. She first made her name as an actress, then became the Tourism Ambassador of Viet Nam, a highly respected businesswoman in Asia, a friend of many powerful Chinese artists, frequently appeared as VIP on countlessinternational red carpets, and even unexpectedly earned the title Princess of Asia.

    For years, people kept saying that Ly Nha Ky is full of baloney, but there has been nothing that she could not achieve.  Even after her announcing of pursuing a life completely free of showbiz, the spotlight has never stopped shining on her.

    Under that extravagant surface, Ly Nha Ky spent most of her childhood in poverty, working hard with her mom and two sisters just to make a minimal living while taking care of the paralyzed veteran father for 17 years. Ly Nha Kyrecalled: ‘Turning 7, I already knew how to take care of my father, there was no place for hesitation. There was a period of time I was selling cashew to help my family, and kept eating cashew to fill the hunger until my stomach started to bleed’.

    Now she lives in luxury and admiration from others, and we keep wondering why she rarely mentions her family, especially the father whom she respects the most. But to her, it is not because she does not want to, but it is rather hard to touch the pain that has become too deep.

    I named myself Ly Nha Ky wishing that my father is here forever

    My father was a commando in Rung Sac Military Base, they always prepared for their memorial service before every combat not in the know of whether or not they could come back. All his youth was dedicated to this country, with countless time making memorial service for himself just to finally come back to his family in a 93% damaged body.

    He passed away when I turned 21, after 17 years being completely paralyzed as a result of war. Until now, I cannot handle the fact that my father is no longer with us

    When he passed away, I put on a mask of bravado, thrown my self into work to avoid that empty feeling. I was shooting 3 to 4 movies at the same time, regardless of my health. And at that time, the name Ly Nha Ky came to existing. Ly was his name, Nha as in comfort, and Ky as in lasting forever. This name not only came from the wish for my father to live forever, but also as a constant reminder to myself, that I must live the best out of my life to fulfill his expectation

    When he was still alive, he did say that among the threedaughters, I was the strongest with my own ambition reaching out to the world, and my two sisters would dedicate to our family. He said: “I know you are a girl, but when I am no longer here, you will be the one who can protect and care for this family, for I couldn’t. And that is my biggest regret.”

    Ly Nha Ky believed that her father has influenced her the most.

    My father said that he was never afraid of any fight, but after coming back home, he just could not face himself, constantly fearing that he was the burden. My oldest sister started working at the age of 13 in order to help pay for my father’s medicine. Even my mother exhausted her self and was hospitalized. My other sister struggled to take care of my father in the hospital while still going to school when she was 9. I was 7, after school I went to take care of my mom. My father could not handle this situation, thinking that he was the burden for all

    The name Ly Nha Ky represents what I could have done for my father. I frequently take part in charity, as many social projects as possible, so that people can remember my name through good deeds, in honor of my father.

    The entire career I built, I just want to protect my family

    Growing up in his pride for me, he provided my with the strength to live the best out of my life.

    Being strong, decisive, trust worthy, and sacrificial for others, my father was all of that. I learn from him everyday to become the person I am today. But I can never be as good as him, because his sacrifice, his dedication for this country, this society was beyond measurement.  

    During his life, even though it was always difficult for us, but he never hesitated to help when seeing others in need. Never think twice when sharing for others, he could manage to provide for us later. That was what I am most proud of my dad. 17 years suffering from illness, he never lost his optimistic spirit. Even when his time was coming, he was still able to empower others by his optimism. Every one loved him very much.

    I regret that my father cannot witness what I am doing, what I am contributing for this country. 

    To Ly Nha Ky, all of her work is for protecting her family. 

    Loosing my father helped me realize that I can always find a career and all of the physical possessions again and again, but not family, it does not come back.

    That is why I always want to do more. Maybe I have achieved much, but honestly I don't have time to enjoy them. All of the things I do, I do for my family. It is not about all how much money we have, but I want them to be happy and proud of me. Like my nephew who is only 8, he is already proud of his aunt.

    I keep on working harder and harder so that I can protect my family when anyone of us is in trouble.


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