Ly Nha Ky presented 2 charity houses in Hau Giang Province

    The beauty helped 2 difficult families for their shelters.


    Ly Nha Ky recently had a trip to Long My Town (Hau Giang Province) to attend the inauguration ceremony 2 new charity houses that she built for 1 Vietnamese Heroic Mother and 1 policy family. Besides sponsoring 100 million VNDs for building these 2 charity houses, she also supported to build 10 bathrooms for other 10 policy families.


    The Former Tourism Ambassador standing in front of the nice charity house that she built for the Vietnamese Heroic Mother Phan Thi Nam (70 years old). The old woman shared that at this age of getting one foot in the grave, she could not even think of living in a brick house like this. 


    She thanked Ly Nha Ky for such meaningful present and was also emotionally grateful because now she and her 13-year-old grandchild have a steady place to live, no more afraid of rain and sun.


    The beauty also visited house of Ms. Nguyen Thi Can, a daughter of a martyr. Her family is under poor condition and has no capacity of building a brick house.


    The spacious and airy house that Ly Nha Ky built for Ms. Nguyen Thi Can.


    The beauty showing her intimacy when gifting candies for Ms. Can’s daughter.


    Temporary and poor-condition of Ms. Can’s family.


    Ly Nha Ky enjoyed the transportation by boat, the sole transportation of people living here. 

    Photo: Ali Bui


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