Ly Nha Ky has contributed one billion VND for constructing new rural areas.

    On July 17th 2013  Ly Nha Ky contributed 1 billion VND for "New Rural Development" program in Ha Tinh province



    At the art exchanges program “The border soldiers of Ha Tinh construct new rural areas together” happened last night, the businesswoman / actress Ly Nha Ky gave one billion VND. The money was collected for supporting and helping to perform the poverty-alleviation programs,building rural infrastructure, cultural and social development.





    When having a talk in the exchanges of the program, the businesswoman - artress Ly Nha Ky has said that "In spite of being a person of Ha Tinh, Ly Nha Ky thinks that everybody stays in and loves our country who also wants to share difficulties and takes part in developing the country".



    Ly Nha Ky has stressed more that “Ly Nha Ky can’t do much but I just have a such present which is my honest heart in order to take part in with the soldiers. That one billion VND is my desires to contribute for the meaning and practical actions.



     Ly Nha Ky has known this special program by the businesswoman Nguyen Thi Lieu whom she considers as her sister and close friend. The entrepreneur Nguyen Thi Lieu said that if she made 10 parts, she would give 5 parts for developing the country. Because she had been born and grown up in Ha Tinh. She knew difficulties of the homeland clearly and she always aspired to a near future day for her homeland.


        Beside the Ha Tinh border soldiers at the program, there were many enterprises from other provinces and cities in the country.



    With the charming pink Vietnamese dress, Ly Nha Ky’s appearance in Ha Tinh hasn’t only been welcome because of her beauty but people were so surprised and encouraged alot when Ly Nha Ky contributed a billion VND.


    The present Ly Nha Ky has given to the border areas of Ha Tinh was on her 31stbirthday on July 19th (tomorrow)


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