Volunteer Regulation

1. Purpose 

Purpose of volunteering is to help the disadvantaged and poor families, especially the poor children through promotion of their participation in humanitarian projects/program funded by VN HEDF

2. Conditions

1. Being a Vietnamese citizen above 18 years old, applicable to these iterms in this regulation;

2. Being able to participate charity activities funded by VN HEDF;

3. Registered willingly participation in project activities to meet the tasks or responsibities required by VN HEDF.

4. Youth, students or any experienced person who is interested in contribution to humanity and charity, are encouraged to be a volunteer;

 3. Responsibilities

1. Tasks and sponsibilities of a vulunteer are assigned by an operation manager of VN HEDF to help the poor children and their families in implementation of VNHEDF funded projects;

2. Coordination with other responsible persons in VNHEDF funded project in locality to proceed the given tasks and responsibilities of volunteer;

3. Spreading propaganda of VN HEDF profiles, keeping and protecting VN HEDF image from any harm;

4. Participation in fund raising for VN HEDF in conformity with  capacity and condition of a volunteer;

5. Periodically participation in sharing information and exchange experiences to implementation of the given tasks and improve effectivies of VNHEDF funded projects;

4. Benefits

1. Efforts of a volunteer to contribute to VNHEDF are accknowledged. VNHEDF is pleased to send the reference letter if it is required by the volunteer.

2. Sharing information and experience exchange in VNHEDF activities to enhance volunteers capacity in learning knowledge and skills when their participation in VNHEDF projects/programs;

3.  To participate in VNHEDF activities, a volunteer is supported, for example, transportation fee or allowance; in accordance with VNHEDF’s ability and conditions.

4. Achievement of a volunteer to implement VNHEDF funded project is appreciated and awarded;

5. If an accident happens to a volunteer at work for VNHEDF, the volunteer is supported by VNHEDF to submit related documents to relavant agencies for solving the volunteer’s lose or damages in according to existing legal regulations.

 7. Volunteer Registeration

1. Any Vietnamese citizen above 18 years old, is interested to become a volunteer, fill in the form and send it to VN HEDF office by email or post.

2. When the filled form is received, within a week a operation manager of VN HEDF makes an appointment with a candidate to interview at it’s office or though telephone. If the interview is successful, the chairwoman of VN HEDF will make a decission of acceptability of the VNHEDF volunteer;

 8. Refusal;

1. If a volunteer does not participate in VNHEDF activities during 6 months without any right reason, then VNHEDF will not accept the volunteer.

2. A volunteer do any harm to VNHEDF image or violate this regulation, the volunteer will be dismissed by VNHEDF;

 9. Volunteer profile concludes

1. Filled volunteer regulation.

2. Volunteer activity diary.

All private information of a volunteer are secured.