1. Child Rights  (CR): Raising awareness and promotion of CR (;


2. Feasibility of any intervention funded by VNHEDF is legally, financially and technically ensured in local context.

3. Companion: VNHEDF is associated with relevant stakeholders and local partners to strengthen their functions and capacity for assisting to the poor and disadvantaged communities. In the course of supporting to the poor and disadvantaged children and their families, efforts and contribution of local partners are obviously proven.

4. Transparency and accountability: all related information among cooperation parties including an implementation process and budget allocation is communicated in transparency and accountability manners. Any risk or underestimation happens during the cooperation process, all the parties are timely and fully informed with it's responsibility   clarification.

5. Sharing information and learning experiences:  Sharing information and learning experiences are highly appreciated among the all stakeholders. 


1. Collaborate with relevant Government agencies and local organizations to identify targeted groups and areas including the poor children in special difficult situation, the poor  and disadvantaged areas, then  appropriate interventions;

2. A suitable local partner is selected to implement a cooperation agreement between VNHEDF and the partner. Roles and responsibilities of VNHEDF are to monitor and supervise the agreement.

3.  Establishment of a volunteer network to assist VNHEDF in conducting field survey, validating information and data, monitor and supervise activities in locality.

4. Raising awareness for public, particularly business sector to mobilize resources for charitable and humanitarian work, contributing a humanitarian and social movement in Vietnam.

5. Building nationally and internationally partnership on basic of sharing information and learning experiences;

6. Building and keeping an image of VN HEDF as a reliable source attracting to sympathy, charity and humanity, contributing to a development of health care and education in Viet Nam.