Improve conditions for the poor to access to basic education and primary health care in the disadvantaged, isolated, ethnic minority and frequency disasters affected areas.

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Issues in epidemic control in the region of Mekong delta 

Currently spread of epidemic diseases including avian influenza (H1N1, H5N1) virus, Hand-Foot-Mouth in Mekong delta become more complex. Besides polluted environment, contaminated food-stuff, local behavior with a lack of information and knowledge, one of key reasons is that there are problems in the health care system, especially preventive health care system 

(i) Health care:

  1. Cataract surgery for the old poor people and eye surgery for the poor children;
  2. Water sanitation and environment for schools;
  3. On job training for health staff at commune level in the disadvantaged area including the poor, isolated, or ethnic mirority or frequently disaster affected in central costal areas;  
  4. Health education including  preventive health care for epidemic control including dengue fever, avian influenza virus H5N1 and hand-foot-mouth;
  5. Support health care, including provision of health equipment for children with disabilities and children in a special difficult situation;


Newspaper HCMC Police : Friday, 21/03/2014 17:29



(CATP) The region of Mekong delta, a ratio of child poverty is more than 50%, the second ratio after the region of mountainous north west area. Child poverty is not only a food poverty, but also a lack of access to basic education, vocation, health care and entertainment, etc... It accidently results in stolen youth and pushing them into a hardship life circular.


 (ii) Education:

  1. Upgrading school infrastructure and learning environment in schools;
  2. Provision of books, notebooks and necessary educational equipment or facilities for the poor children;
  3. Provision school fee for the poor children;
  4. Accident Prevention Education for children as well as safe’s children in disasters; 
  5. Vocational training for children with disabilities and children in a special difficulty situation.