1.   Fund Management Council (FMC)

(1) Ms. Ly Nha Ky, chairwoman of FMC;

(2) A vice chairman of FMC, in charge of finance manager

(3) Mr Le Quang Duat, a secretary of FMC, responsibilities for preparing agenda meeting, related reports or other documents, meeting minutes and agreement of FMC meetings;

2.   Responsibilities of FMC:

  • Review and approve strategic planning and yearly planning;
  • Review and approve semi-yearly and yearly progress reports;
  • Review and approve semi-yearly and yearly financial reports;
  • Review and approve policy and procedures of VNHEDF’s regulation; revise VNHEDF’s regulation if any.
  • Support to fund raising event or campaign;
  • Monitor and supervision of the Fund management;
  • Attend annually VN HEDF meeting, it is expected to have a full day meeting in annual December,  or any meeting as the chairwoman ‘s request;     

 3   Operation Unit for VNHEDF include a operational manager, an administrative assistance, an accountant, and Volunteer Network  with responsibilities:

  • Planning and submit monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly and yearly plans to the chairwoman for approval
  • Cary out activities to produce expected outputs when it is approved;
  • Provision of necessary support to the FMC for fund raising and mobilization;
  • Promote propaganda and communication for raising awareness, public participation and movement of charitable and humanitarian work through website of VN HEDF, documentation of lessons learned,  participation in related workshops, conferences, exchange visits, etc;  
  • Establish, maintain and develop volunteer network with an attention given to local volunteers those work closely the VNHEDF program;
  • Monitor and supervision on implementing the VN HEDF program and promote sharing information and learning experiences among all stakeholders;
  • Reporting: Submit semi-annual and annually progress reports to the FMC, at least 15 days before the FMC meeting.
  • Establishment, maintain and  partnership development to improve effectiveness and efficiency of the VNHEDF operation;