VNHEDF has been established by a decision of the Interior Ministry of 1941/QD-BNV dated 05 December 2011, as a non profit, non religion and non government organization. It is a result of a process of patience and hard working in a charitable and humanitarian career of Ms Ly Nha Ky, a business woman, a film star and social activist in Vietnam. Her success in each her career in a national and international sphere is impressive. 

For the last 5 years, Ms Ly Nha Ky used to be a good will ambassador of “the operation smile”, a chairwoman of Sheen Hok Charity Fund in Vietnam, a Tourist Ambassador of Vietnam, and a chairwoman of VNHEDF at present, making efforts to mobilize resources from business sector and donors to fund for various charitable programs to target the poor families and communities including an examine and operation for children with visual diseases in Phu Tho, Binh Phuoc provinces and Ha Noi city, building and upgrading houses for the poor  households in Kien Giang province, construction of rural bridges in Tien Giang province, giving bicycles to disadvantaged students in Quang Nam province, provision of health examine and granted medicines in Ba Ria province, funding grant to a national program on a New Rural Development in remote areas in Ha Tinh province.

Results of these charitable programs have been highly appreciated by local authorities and relevant Government agencies. But Ms Ly Nha Ky’s motivation for charitable work is innocent smiles of children with visual problems or hope and pleasure of the poor mothers participating in these programs.

Since being as a chairwoman of Sheenhok charitable fund in Vietnam, Ms Ly Nha Ky has been thirsty for establishing a Vietnamese Charitable Fund. Becoming a reliable source to attract public sympathy and donation for humanitarian and charitable work, a key principle of the fund’s operation is to ensure practical effectiveness, transparence and accountability of the VNHEDF funded programs. It is taken into account for not only fund mobilization, and also cooperation, coordination with relevant stakeholders including Government development agencies, local authorities to accommodate the poor children and their families to overcome difficulties, poverty and backward for their better future.

Sharing information, learning experiences with various stakeholders are valuable for VNHEDF to improve effectiveness and efficiency of the Fund’s maneuver. VNHEDF concentrate efforts to support to the poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable children including orphan, street children, children with disabilities, etc for their brighter future.